About Us

Barnet Internships is a partnership between the London Apprenticeship Company and the London Borough of Barnet. We are working together to create fully paid Internship job opportunities for local residents. Our object is to both help local business recruit new staff to their businesses while at the same time enabling people in Barnet who are not currently employed get their first job and valuable work experience.


We’re spending £200,000 on this project and it’s a pilot.  All interns are paid for the hours they work at, or above, National Minimum Wage rates, and we’ll be assessing the success of the scheme over the next six months to establish the extent to which the Borough’s financial assistance has resulted in long term employment for the Interns and increased staffing levels among the small businesses that take part.

The pilot scheme will create 40 jobs and these will l be available by the end of December 2012. Placements will be for a minimum period of 3 months.  Check our Jobs Board for the latest vacancies and Like our Facebook page to receive regular updates.

Interns are free to employers ! If you are a local small or medium size employer and have an opportunity to create an Internship vacancies we will pay your Intern’s wages for three months. There are no fees for you to pay.  Getting involved is simple – read more on our Employ an Intern pages.