Employ an Intern

Hire an Intern paid by the London Borough of Barnet to Work for You!


The London Borough of Barnet has teamed up with the London Apprenticeship Company (LAC) to create 20 Internships for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the Barnet – and what’s more the first three months of their employment won’t cost you a penny in wages or fees ! This new scheme forms part of the Councils £1m ‘ Platforms’ project which aims to support Barnet businesses seeking to expand their workforce while at the same time helping young Barnet residents aged between 16 and 24 find their first job and develop a career. This groundbreaking project starts right now.



We’re looking for Barnet employers to join with us to kick start the scheme by offering 20 young people the chance to become fully paid Interns. We have a great selection of motivated and committed young people ready for you to employ, and for the first three months you don’t have to pay anything at all – the Council will pay their wages on your behalf. If you are a small business operating within the London Borough of Barnet, need to expand your workforce and are prepared to give a local young person a ‘try out’, then we want to help you get started. It’s really simple…

    • You identify a job role or series of tasks that you need help with in your business
    •  Call  the London Apprenticeship Company on 020 3651 4747 and arrange for us to come and meet you to agree an Intern job description
    • We prepare a shortlist of candidates for you to interview and send them over to meet you
    • You choose an Intern that you want to work for you
    • The Intern is employed by the London Apprenticeship Company and paid by the London Borough of Barnet for 3 months. You don’t pay anything at all.

At the end of the 3 months you can:

    • Decide to employ the Intern directly
    • Opt to continue employing your Intern via the London Apprenticeship Company
    • Progress the Intern to an Apprenticeship Scheme and continue to gain Government funded support for training

Internships are a great way to recruit new staff to your business. Our aim is to help Barnet SMEs achieve this by making the recruitment process really quick and simple; reducing administration by employing the Interns on your behalf; fully paying the Interns salary for the first three months; helping you access additional Government money to support your Intern and pay for their further training.




So what could an Intern do for you ? They could help in your administration or accounts department; work in HR; develop marketing materials and social media campaigns; be part of a public relations team; be part of your sales team; be a trainee designer; plan logistics; manage online sales resources; analyse data; design websites or databases; manage customer relations and events… the possibilities are endless. If you need help with your business give us a call and we can suggest ways in which an intern might help !

Visit the Barnet Internships webpage and our Facebook pages for more details and ideas or call Sonia at the London Apprenticeship Company on 020 3651 4747.


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We can also help you create Apprenticeships -
visit the London Apprenticeship Company website for more details.