Social Media Interns

Needs some help setting up your Facebook Pages, Twitter and Linked In accounts ?

Social Media are powerful web and communications tools that help you build networks through which you can promote and sell your services.  These days Facebook ‘post’, Twitter ‘tweets’ and Linked In ‘endorsements’ are as important as good clear websites. Get it right and your business will benefit!

It’s not that complicated to get going but it takes time and some basic knowledge. Barnet InternshIps can help you get going ! We’ve got some great young people who really understand Social Media – it’s like second nature to them.  In three months one of our Interns will:


- set up a Facebook page for you and your business

- establish Linked In profiles for you and your key staff

- set up a Twitter account

- teach your key staff how to use all of the above to market your business and your services

Whats more, your Social Media Intern is employed by the London Apprenticeship Company and paid by the London Borough of Barnet – so it’s a free service to you!


If you think that one of our Social Media Interns could help you email Simon for more details.