Become an Intern


Do you Live in Barnet ? Are you Looking for a Paid Internship ?


The London Borough of Barnet has teamed up with the London Apprenticeship Company (LAC) to create 40 Internships for young residents who live in the London Borough of Barnet.  This new scheme forms part of the Councils £1m ‘ Platforms’ project which aims to support  Barnet businesses seeking to expand their workforce while at the same time helping young Barnet residents aged between 16 and 24 find their first job and develop a career. This groundbreaking project is available right now and you get paid from day one.

We’re looking for 40 motivated and committed young people to employ as Interns. The scheme is open to Barnet residents aged between 16 and 24 who:

    •  might have recently left school with some GCSEs
    •  may have some A’ levels 
    •  maybe recently qualified Graduates
We have a wide range of  job opportunities  suitable for different people !

If you live in Barnet and are looking for a ‘kick start’ to your career this is what you need to do:

    • Visit the Barnet Internships website at and search the ‘Jobs’ section
    • Choose the internships that you would like to apply for and complete the application form if:
      • You are aged between 16 and 24 Live in Barnet
      • Are immediately available for work
      • You are currently not in work, education or training
    • Attach your CV to your application
    • Visit the Barnet Internships Facebook page and ‘Like’ it (we’ll be posting updates weekly through the pages)


Once you’ve done that one of our team of recruiters will read through your CV and application form and call you for a chat. Then we send your CV to one or more of the employers that we are working with and if they like the sound of you we’ll:

    • Arrange an interview for you
    • Help you get ready so that you have the best chance of getting the job
    • If you are selected by the employer;We employ you on a London Apprenticeship Company contract of employment
    • Pay you fortnightly for the hours that you work in accordance with at least National Minimum Wage rates
    • Help you get the most out of the Internship so that you can progress to a permanent job or an Apprenticeship with additional training
    • If you aren’t selected by the employer we give you feedback on what you can do to improve your chances next time round and try again.

There are 40 jobs available so don’t delay.  You could get help in an administration or accounts department; work in HR; develop marketing materials and social media campaigns; be part of a public relations team; be part of a sales team; be a trainee designer; plan logistics; manage online sales resources; analyse data; design websites or databases; manage customer relations and events… the possibilities are endless. If you’re not sure what you want to do email us and ask for advice.


Alternatively visit the London Apprenticeship Company to apply for Apprenticeship Jobs.